Apple strategy to conquer Google and Amazon

Apple iOS 6When the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) started, we were all waiting for the next iPhone. New hardware, new features. Just to beat the copy-world champions, Samsung!

But new Apple CEO Tim Cook instead presented the next generation of the Macs: faster, brighter, and with retina displays. Fine.

In his official biography, Steve Jobs talked about his cooperation with Google, especially when Google launched the first Android version. Board member Eric Schmidt had to leave the Apple board and from then on, the collaboration was history.

It seems that the quantitative leadership of Android smartphones is not a guarantee of economic success for developers or advertisers. As Tim Cook announced at the WWDC, app developers gained US$5 billion with app sales. This will be a hint what will be possible for the next Apple business target group: e-commerce companies and local advertisers. The message: Apple users have cash, and they are willing to spend their money!

Apple Maps opens the marketplace for local ads, the current territory of Google. It will be potentially the next big thing in Apple’s company development. iAd wasn’t a great success because it was not convenient. Apple Maps, on the other hand, is based on a learned business model.

Second steps into the transaction business is the launch of Passbook. Apple already has the credit card information of most iPhone users. So it is easy to consume. Passbook will be followed by Apple Store, where you can buy every physical product, I think.

Tim Cook is leading Apple’s next major conquests.

Google and Amazon, watch out!