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The most successful publishing strategies integrate both apps and mobile Web, allowing companies to capitalise on financial benefits and support popular user activities. Maybe you are reading this blog post on your mobile device. Every day, we hear this piece of advice from editors-in-chief and leading publisher managers: mobile first. All […]

Online content is a cash cow, but mobile is your ...

Tablet epaper
Though tablet sales decreased in the fourth quarter of 2014, tablets are still important for news media companies because of the way they are used by a certain target market, the quality of their resolution, and the opportunity afforded to offer premium products. The fourth quarter of 2014 was the first with […]

Tablet: Dead or alive?

In an environment as competitive as mobile, why is the market still dominated by the same three behemoths? Because newcomers continue to make the same basic mistakes. Why can’t anyone successfully attack Apple, Google, and Amazon? We were all grateful to Apple that news sites could reach a new level […]

How Apple, Google, and Amazon remain the untouchable big three!

The audience for mobile advertising is ready and waiting for a campaign with a simple, focused, and clear benefit message — one designed for mobile. If you build it, they will come. In 2012, smartphones finally took over the mobile device market. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Germany saw […]

The time for mobile-specific advertising is now

In our print-to-digital transitions, news organisations should remember to create real value for the right target group — rather than try to be all things to all audiences. 2012 makes clear the key question publishers are facing these days. Is it possible to safeguard the (high-quality) editorial content and their […]

Could less traffic be what your news site needs?

“We’ve got a little more to show you” — a few words that electrified the hardware industry and friendly Apple users around the world. Ever since Apple invited the community to the next big thing on the 23rd of October, tomorrow, the rumors have been growing from minute to minute. But 99% […]

Nexus and Apples seven-inch tablet will carve out its own ...

As discussed before (“Native apps versus HTML5 apps: Can we mix both for a better solution?”), the development of the HTML 5 standard seemed to reduce the production costs for apps across all platforms, including the browser ecosystem. One of the fundamental digital rules, “economies of scale” — which was broken […]

Is HTML 5 just a huge illusion?

Mobile Web usage continues to increase, as confirmed in the recent German W3B report, “Mobile Commerce,” which found that: More than 40% of German Internet users today have smartphones. Almost all smartphone owners browse the mobile Web almost every second of the day. Compare that with three years ago, when […]

Time to turn the corner from m-infomerce to m-commerce

The first years in the mobile phone area were really hard ones. Companies were cautious and skeptical in the development of mobile-optimised Web sites and portals. Early delivery approaches such as WAP 1.0 and i-mode were less than sexy. But the demand for mobile surfing was there, as mobile Internet usage grew four times […]

Plotting a smooth course for the print-to-digital transition

Four weeks ago I had a meeting with an executive trainee at one of my clients. I had to introduce him to the mobile content product development started in 2006. 2006? More than a year before the first iPhone was launched? Yes, there was a mobile Internet time before the […]

The surprising truth about mobile Web sites

In the past few blogs, we have discussed the difference between apps and browser-based mobile Web sites. And while I myself have supported the strategy of companies that opt for the mobile Web site route, there are good reasons to produce mobile Web sites and apps. To understand the background, please think about your […]

Mobile portal versus smartphone app (or multi- versus mono-thematic)

When we launched one of the most popular mobile portals of the daily newspaper BILD in 2006 in Germany (which today has 3.5 million unique users and 18% reach of all mobile surfers), a friend commented on the great usability and speed of the new mobile portal. In the pre-iPhone era, I […]

Apps offer breath of fresh air to editors

When the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) started, we were all waiting for the next iPhone. New hardware, new features. Just to beat the copy-world champions, Samsung! But new Apple CEO Tim Cook instead presented the next generation of the Macs: faster, brighter, and with retina displays. Fine. In his official biography, Steve Jobs […]

Apple strategy to conquer Google and Amazon

Broadcaster, set-up box, and TV device manufacturers have been trying for years to replace the traditional teletext by digital offerings. Interactivity, animated infographics, and dynamic editorial content should be retrieved easily and perfectly on the TV. That’s the theory.   Smart TV is the key word. It’s now available in […]

Mobile: the first media for background checks and second TV ...

In 2005, I was at one of the earliest mobile conventions in Germany. Most of the people there were discussing the technical side of creating a mobile Web site. And how to find a cheap degradation-concept for the approximately 2,000 different handset models. Really not easy. Another major topic of […]

Mobile content is king, but billing is King Kong