The importance of app verticals for media companies

Successful apps aren’t those that simply replicate a company’s Web site but rather provide content in a way that allows users to consume information. The mobile content market started full of colour, with pictures on platforms like i-mode (by NTT DOCOMO) or Vizzavi (by Vodafone) in 2002. The dominant coding was i- or xHTML, presented by browsers. Later in […]

Sports: The mobile content pioneer

Sports coverage may lead the way in mobile usage for real-time news and information. If statistics for athletic coverage demonstrate anything, it is that mobile access will likely be top-of-mind for other types of news coverage as well.   In many ways, sports are determining the development of media. The technical equipment is awesome when […]

Did smartphones kill the tablet?

Just four years after the introduction of Apple’s iPad, tablets already are losing some of their allure to desktop PCs and smartphones, which users seem to prefer for news consumption. When Apple launched the iPad in 2010, every digital enthusiast was excited. The experts sang the song of the personal computer (PC) death. The future […]

Push users to your content — or vice versa

It’s time for media companies to move beyond e-mail newsletters and text message advertising and put all their energy behind push notification technology, which has the power to drive users to their mobile apps and Web sites. News and analysis are valuable and important for users. The common problem for users and news media companies […]

Three reasons news aggregating Smartphone apps have better traffic than you do

News aggregating apps like Yahoo Daily and Facebook’s Paper are besting their news brand counterparts for three key reasons: one-stop shopping, a better mobile user experience, and timeliness of content. The big challenge is to reach and hold the user with our content. To that end, we are always looking for the next bit of […]

Touchable apps like BBC News, Yahoo Daily Digest keep up with mobile user experience

As smartphones continue to dominate the market, more and more mobile apps need to break free of the traditional online structure (four-way navigation, home and back buttons, etc.) and instead incorporate gestures such as swipe into their design. Apps already leading the charge include Yahoo Daily Digest, News Republic, Kicker Sports, and BBC News. The […]

Deck the halls with mobile commerce

Stereotypical male shoppers need not be persuaded about the value of m-commerce — shop on Christmas Eve right from your phone! But many online merchants and media companies have been slow to take up the mobile mantle.   We are all counting the days until Christmas. But for some of us, mostly male, it comes […]

Finding digital gold involves better content, not more platforms

Media companies should devote less time, energy, and money to pushing their products out on every available platform, and focus instead on delivering the best possible content. Research everywhere is telling us that offline media will decrease and the digital area will grow faster than every other market in the past. Compared to the digital […]

Content must go where users already are — in the cloud

Digital users already have their heads in the cloud(s). It’s time for news media organisations to meet them there, by offering device-agnostic content. Mobile is still increasing its market share of all digital channnels. Smartphones and tablets sales are much higher than those of PCs or laptops. The overall availability of high-speed Internet connections has […]

mobile App and mobile web

Mobile Web vs. mobile app: substitute or complement?

Rather than trying to decide between mobile apps and mobile Web sites, news media companies should consider how both options can work in concert with each other. The growth of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) cannot be stopped. In the second quarter of 2013, IDC reported that mobile phones had reached 432 million units and tablets […]

How Apple, Google, and Amazon remain the untouchable big three!

In an environment as competitive as mobile, why is the market still dominated by the same three behemoths? Because newcomers continue to make the same basic mistakes. Why can’t anyone successfully attack Apple, Google, and Amazon? We were all grateful to Apple that news sites could reach a new level with iPhones. The circulation revenues […]

3 different user types mean single content, multiple products

Unlike in years past, news publishers today must create content that can function on many platforms to reach a variety of target audiences. In the old days, the publisher’s world in the offline print business was simple. The industry’s three basic priorities included: Target group selection: reach, advertisers, copy price. Editorial team organisation: editors, producer. Sales […]

The time for mobile-specific advertising is now 1

The audience for mobile advertising is ready and waiting for a campaign with a simple, focused, and clear benefit message — one designed for mobile. If you build it, they will come. In 2012, smartphones finally took over the mobile device market. In the fourth quarter of 2012, Germany saw 68% smartphone penetration in the […]

Less Content - more value

Could less traffic be what your news site needs?

In our print-to-digital transitions, news organisations should remember to create real value for the right target group — rather than try to be all things to all audiences. 2012 makes clear the key question publishers are facing these days. Is it possible to safeguard the (high-quality) editorial content and their brands? Is it too late […]

Nexus and Apples seven-inch tablet will carve out its own niche

“We’ve got a little more to show you” — a few words that electrified the hardware industry and friendly Apple users around the world. Ever since Apple invited the community to the next big thing on the 23rd of October, tomorrow, the rumors have been growing from minute to minute. But 99% are betting on the launch […]